March 2, 2006


I’ve seen Gavin Andrews strut his stuff several times now and he is an impressive man. One of those people who gets things done and has a practical bent.
Crufad deals with anxiety and depressive disorders.
In the clinician support area their patient treatment manuals are available. These are superb and are a great resource for patients. Patients really benefit by having this stuff available in writing and just having the information available even if they are not quite ready to accept the diagnosis.
Useful tools like the K-10 and Honos are also available there.



Pharmacology: atypical antipsychotic off-label uses

This article interests me because antipsychotics can be very useful short term interventions due to sedative effects and their abilities to stop ruminating thoughts. When the usual sleep interventions don’t work, the sample box cupboard tends to be attacked. In this place offlabel use seems to be mostly for short term use for depression and anxiety. (more…)

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